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Saddle Ridge Riding Center
Saddle Ridge Riding Center
Lesson Pricing & Policies
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HORSE SHOW SERVICES (see office for pricing)
  • Horse Lease off-property without a prior lease
  • Horse Lease off-property with a prior lease
  • Horse Show Presentation (bathe, groom wrap)
  • Trainer Fee
  • Groom's Fee
  • Schooling Ride Fee
  • Tail Trim
  • Tack Cleaning
  • Mane Braiding
  • Tail Braiding
  • Unbrading
  • Trailering Fee
IN BARN SERVICES (see office for pricing)
  • Handling Fee for Vet or Farrier Service
  • Hand Walking
  • Supplement/Medication Organization
  • Oral Administration of Medication AM/PM
  • IM medication administration
  • Leg Wrapping
  • Leg Wrapping with Poultice
  • Wound Cleaning and Dressing Application
  • Liniment Treatment
  • Full Body Bath
  • Body Bath with Liniment treatment
  • Body Clipping
  • Muzzle Trim
  • Muzzle, ear, leg, bridle path trim
  • Mane Pulling
  • Sheath Cleaning
  • Worming
  • Hoof picking daily PM
  • Lunge Lesson
  • Training Ride
TURN-OUT OPTIONS(see office for pricing)
  • Blanket + Mask + Boots
  • Mask only
  • Fly Spray, daily AM

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900 Shadow Ridge Road, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417