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Group Horsemanship Classes

Every Friday evening for the winter we will be offering a group Horsemanship class, led by Trainer Marisa Kravatz.  This is an excellent way to learn about horsemanship and make new friends!

Each class will be 1 hour and is $50 per student per class.

Friday: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Please contact the office to sign up for the class!


Below are additional classes offered by SRRC taught one on one with a trainer; if you are interested in taking a class, please contact the office for pricing and scheduling.

Tack Up Lesson
Tack Up Lesson

SRRC is now offering group or individual one hour tack-up lessons for beginners as often as possible. We believe in horsemanship, not just horseback riding.  A very important component of horsemanship is understanding the equipment you are using on any given horse:  both how it is put on, and how and why it works.  The tack-up lessons will allow time both for demonstration of the equipment that we use, and hands on practice with someone standing by for instruction and assistance.

General grooming and equipment used for grooming will also be taught in the tack-up lesson.  And, of course, as we are very safety conscious, techniques for keeping both you and your horse safe will be taught so that everyone is safe and comfortable during the grooming and tacking-up procedures.

Please call ahead or visit the office to schedule your lesson.

Horsemanship 101

Horsemanship classes are a terrific way to get acquainted with horses! This is a great class for beginners or people who are curious about horses.

Horsemanship Classes are offered each month for beginners.  Proper horse care techniques are taught and practiced to improve knowledge of horsemanship.  An in-depth instruction into handling horses, grooming, equine nutrition, equine first aid and stall maintenance are covered and practiced.  Students are given more advanced instruction and more responsibility as they gain experience and knowledge. 

Horsemanship 101

  • Horse behavior
  • Herd dynamics
  • Being a leader
  • Horse safety

Horse Care

  • Safe handling techniques (halter and lead a horse)
  • Basic Health and First Aid
  • Grooming
  • Hoof care
  • Tying

Horse Tack

  • How to saddle a horse
  • How to put on a bridle
  • What is a balanced seat?
  • How to be safe in the saddle
  • Determining proper saddle fit
  • How to sit on a horse and use the reins
  • How a bit works and communicates to a horse
Barn Management 101

In the horse industry, the position of barn manager requires a person to be knowledgeable and competent in many areas concerning horses and people. An essential member of any large barn or stable, the barn manager is responsible for planning and orchestrating the day to day life of each animal in their charge.  He or She is the glue that holds a barn or stable together, they oversee every aspect of horse care, from vet visits to exercise to supplies to management of barn employees. Their role is a significant one and beyond an almost expert knowledge of horses, it requires quick decision making, adaptability and leadership qualities.

Anyone interested in this class should have a basic understanding of horse care.  Some of the topics covered in this class:

Daily Grooming Techniques

  • coat: shiny, smooth, free of dandruff; minimal loose, shedding hair; full grooming
  • mane: free of tangles, snarls, dirt, scruff; correct length of bridle path
  • tail: smooth; good length; dock of tail and underside free of dirt
  • feet: picked out; free of thrush or injury
  • blankets: proper use; cleanliness; sizing

Keeping Stalls Clean

  • learn about bedding: clean/dry; level
  • free of cobwebs and other problems
  • cleanliness
  • dealing with manure, water buckets, and feeders
  • checking for stall damage

Feeding at assigned times

  • understanding and following feeding charts
  • feeding order to prevent colic
  • weekend feeding procedures

Management Skills

  • Development of time management
  • Development of communication skills
  • Development of record keeping and organizational skills
  • Recognition and evaluation of equine related health problems
  • Equine First Aid actions steps, or who to contact in case of emergency
  • Tracking and monitoring vet and farrier care

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